About Us



Rooted with Sights on the Future

Since its founding at the turn of the millennium (2000), Creativa has helped private and public organizations apply cutting-edge thinking to strategies for the future, challenges, and happy circumstances.

Our consultants are imbued in a culture that strives for excellence through teamwork, openness, inclusivity, and knowledgeable innovation. Their areas of expertise include financial analysis, strategic planning, health and welfare plan administration, and communications.

Whether we’re developing budgets for a client’s health and welfare plans, building an international digital campaign, or answering an employee’s question about parental leave, we’re responsive and dedicate our resources and best effort to delivering excellent service.

Our Mission

To help organizations around the world go beyond their established measurements of success.

Our Values



We’re transparent in all our interactions with clients, whether it’s to share knowledge, apply our capabilities, or price a service.



We’re proud of our never-ending quest for more accurate information, smarter ways to do things, and fresh inspiration to dream up things we (and our clients) aren’t yet doing.



We apply innovation to every project we touch by always asking how we can make it better. We look and push for innovative answers from our team and from the world at large.



We’re happy to take responsibility for the quality and on-time delivery of our services and products.